client reviews

kind words from my wonderful clients-

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sara- 1:1 HOLISTIC wellness coaching

“My primary goal going into (the program) was to lose a little weight and have a healthier relationship with food.

Now that it is over, I can feel myself being more confident with my body and my body weight. I am eating better, feeling healthier, and my body is responding…  I’ve learned to be more mindful of the positive changes in my body when I’m eating more appropriately for myself, and that gets me motivated to do more of it. It’s always a bumpy road but now that I am more aware of the rewards, it’s so worth it.

Jocelyn is so personable. She is very considerate of different ideas and mindsets and never lets you feel guilty or in the wrong. That was a HUGE game changer for me and really helped me feel confident in myself. I felt I was doing things for myself, and not because she “told me to”. She’s has so much wisdom and light, it’s hard not to feel it radiating onto you!

I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone! I’m a librarian-type at heart so I thought I knew everything already. I’m very good at researching and learning new things and didn’t think there could be a way a health coach could teach me new things. She always had new ideas and suggestions I had never heard of!”


Amy- reiki sessions

“I was introduced to Jocelyn at the yoga studio which I teach at. This past year has definitely thrown some curve balls my way including losing my father, job changes, infertility, and new found health issues. Needless to say, I was in some need of overall adjusting and self care.

I see Jocelyn on a weekly basis for a one hour (reiki) session, and since I’ve started I’ve noticed vast improvements in my overall well being. Mentally and physically, reiki has helped me to cope and move forward in life in ways I didn’t think it would be possible. It’s the one thing I look forward to every single week!!”

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“Working with Jocelyn has helped me find the change I needed in my life. I feel more in balance, connected with myself, and whole. She has not only taught me the tools I needed to make change possible but has provided compassion, support, and encouragement along the way”