Self-healing packages

reiki and holistic life (coaching) packages are available. wellness and balance await.

*because we believe self-healing should be universally accessible, we do offer payment plans with all reiki and holistic healing packages*


Holistic Life packages:

these packages are for souls who are looking to radically transform their every day lives. my holistic life packages include 1:1 holistic wellness coaching with daily communication available, reiki sessions, meditation and energy balancing techniques and more! these packages are for those who are ready to stop the traditional mundane way of living and create a life of presence and vibrancy!


all coaching programs (holistic life packages) are conducted by jocelyn zahn who is a certified holistic wellness coach, graduate of the institute for integrative nutrition, and certified practitioner of gendai reiki ryoho. all programs are conducted online so you can experience your holistic transformation from anywhere!

all holistic packages include-

  • an initial 75-minute skype/facetime session wherein we determine what your primary goals are and how i can best support you in your self-healing journey- this is also where we come up with our game plan as a team committed to your process

  • 24/7 access to me via the Voxer app (walkie talkie app)- to ask wellness coaching questions and to help stay accountable to your goals on a daily basis

  • support in processing energetic shifts that occur due to reiki sessions including (but not limited to) mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and intuitive growth.

  • personalized nutritional, lifestyle, and meditative recommendations including tools on how to implement them

  • discounts on all future packages (reiki or holistic life)


starting anew- Level 1

This package is for you if…

you are feeling it is time to start out on your personal healing journey but are in need of guidance and a helping hand. if you are ready to commit to taking control of your wellbeing and holistic health with loving accountability. if you are looking to make lifestyle, nutritional, or exercise changes but are unsure of how to do so or need that push of accountability.

If you want to feel more grounded in your daily life, feel less anxiety, and would like accountability and tools to do so. if you are looking for an intuitive guide and mentor. if you are open to trying new things and are ready to feel more energetic and mindful-

this is the package for you!

What else is included?

  • two 45-minute reiki sessions per month (either in person or remotely)

  • one intuitively chosen crystal infused with reiki energy gifted and shipped to you

  • one intuitively pulled tarot card for the start of each month- setting you on a path to heightened awareness for positive changes or challenges that may be ahead



A $945 value!


mind, body, and spirit- level 2

This package is for you if…

you feel stuck, energetically blocked, consistently on edge, or feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety, stress, or discontent in your physical and emotional body. you feel that you are on the brink of stepping into your truth, into the life you were meant to live. if you are processing trauma with a mental health professional but are in need of day to day support in the areas of lifestyle, wellness, and energetic balancing.

you have tried multiple avenues for achieving peace yet nothing seems to go deeply enough for you to feel the healing. you are experiencing a spiritual tug you can’t deny but don’t know where to go with it. you are looking to experience a radical shift in energy and your way of life. or if you have experienced a spiritual awakening and need a spiritual mentor to help you through the disorienting process of ego dissolvement-

this is the package for you!

What else is included?

  • four 45-minute reiki sessions per month (either in person or remotely)

  • reiki healing symbols sent to you during meditation daily during our time together

  • one full chakra healing crystal set (7 crystals) all infused with reiki energy-shipped to you

  • one intuitively chosen crystal infused with reiki energy gifted and shipped to you

  • a minimum of two intuitively pulled tarot cards (biweekly)- setting you on a path to heightened awareness for positive changes or challenges that may be ahead

  • a completely intuitively driven and personalized approach, designed to help you raise your consciousness and vibrational energy



a $1,725 value!


throughout my experience as a holistic wellness coach, reiki practitioner, and intuitive energy worker, i have seen time and time again the value of a three month transformation. this is the minimum amount of time necessary to see full, lasting change to the mind, body and spirit. as well as for new practices to become habit. it is for this reason that-

holistic life packages are 3 months in total.

many choose to add additional months and reiki sessions. this can be done on a personalized basis once the three months is completed. this way we can determine together, what we feel is needed for full holistic healing.

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*disclaimer: Reiki is not a medical practice and is not meant to replace traditional medicine or medical treatment. Experiences from Reiki sessions vary. since reiki is an energetic and spiritual practice, We do not guarantee healing will occur in any specific area in the body or in one’s life. Reiki is meant to be used alongside other holistic practices and can support you in your health, wellness, emotional, and spiritual goals on an energetic level*