Self-healing packages

reiki and holistic life (coaching) packages are available. wellness and balance await.

*because we believe self-healing should be universally accessible, we do offer payment plans with all reiki and holistic healing packages*


Reiki Packages:

If you are looking to balance your energy, grow in your spiritual path, or work through distress- Reiki might be for you!

reiki is a universally beneficial energy balancing technique. safe for people of all ages, including children, pregnant or nursing women, and animals alike! many people report feeling peaceful and an internal calm/ stillness after their reiki sessions. single reiki healing sessions can be scheduled at any time. however, certain needs may require more than one session. for this reason, we have put together reiki self-healing packages to help you address your specific needs. we have included no more than we feel is truly necessary. additional sessions can be added on to your package if you feel you are in need of further healing. Our Reiki sessions are always intuitively led and can be conducted locally or remotely.

booking a reiki package comes with a 10% discount per session!

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Root- energy maintenance

This package is for you if…

You are experiencing low level stress, anxiety, fatigue. if you would like to use Reiki alongside other holistic or wellness practices. if you need to add relaxation to your life. if you would like to ground yourself regularly, feel more balanced energetically and mentally, OR if you would simply like to improve your state of every day peace.

What is recommended?

  • two one-hour reiki sessions per month- biweekly



a $300 value!

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heart- breaking through

This package is for you if…

You are experiencing current mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical distress. if you are suffering from immense anxiety, overwhelm, relationship issues, financial struggle or emotional unease. if you are looking to break through the barriers keeping hold of you, find balance again or for the first time- this is the package for you.

What is recommended?

  • four one-hour reiki sessions per month- weekly



a $600 value!

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crown- raising your vibration

This package is for you if…

you are battling fear, anxiety, self-judgement or physical pain daily. if you are struggling with depression, ptsd, or emotional trauma. if you are in a consistent state of inner conflict or self-sabotage. if you are trying to find your life’s purpose but feel stagnant and hopeless. if you are recovering from an addiction- this is the package for you.

What is recommended?

  • six one-hour reiki sessions per month



a $900 value!

To see the longest lasting results and to facilitate the greatest transformation of the spirit in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges, consistency is sessions is beneficial. one session often brings peace. many sessions can bring lasting change to us energetically. this is why-

reiki packages are 3 months in total.

Additional months and sessions may be added on if necessary and desired.

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*disclaimer: Reiki is not a medical practice and is not meant to replace traditional medicine or medical treatment. Experiences from Reiki sessions vary. since reiki is an energetic and spiritual practice, We do not guarantee healing will occur in any specific area in the body or in one’s life. Reiki is meant to be used alongside other holistic practices and can support you in your health, wellness, emotional, and spiritual goals on an energetic level*